NotaClub is a relatively small but very active, social community of people, primarily in over 40s age bracket who wish to enhance their social lives by just getting out, making new friends and having some fun in safe and low-cost environments.

Because, these days, travelling too far can be costly and time-consuming, we’ve split NotaClub into 2 separate groups – NotaClub Bayside and NotaClub Eastern which make it convenient for people in the Bayside, Eastern and North-Eastern areas of Melbourne to participate in our many social get-togethers which are conceived, created organised and hosted by people in our community of NotaClubbers (Nac’ers).

NotaClub Bayside and NotaClub Eastern partner with each other, and for all intents and purposes both groups participate as one and fully interact with each other.


Participating in one group gives you access to the public activities of the other – whether you’ve actually included yourself on the other’s member list or not – and ALL NaC’ers are invited to attend ALL get-togethers from either group.


Anyone who wants to participate is invited to join our friendly group and share in our fun activities – you do that simply by coming to any of NotaClub’s weekly informal meet-greet-get-togethers .

Those people who do will likely form lasting friendships in a short period of time.

Details about these get-togethers can be found on the websites we’ve set up for each group.

Thank you for getting in touch