… to encourage the creation of as many opportunities as possible to connect like-minded people in Melbourne who wish to get out, make friends and participate in ‘good fun and good socialising’ activities.

NotaClub is NOT about making money.

NotaClub IS about people getting out, making new friends and having fun.

NotaClub’s activities are all about ‘socialising’ and having fun with like-minded people, not matchmaking – but there’s no reason why you won’t meet the ‘person of your dreams’ at a NotaClub get-together.

Many people have.

In fact, the NotaClub social community has been responsible for the creation of lots of ‘couples’, (including those who are now married).

Many of these people continue to be some of the most active participants in our many social activities.

… was created to advertise NotaClub’s existence

… invites anyone who think they’d like to actively participate with NotaClub to come and check us out at our many fun get-togethers where we all get to decide whether we’re each other’s type of people in a casual, non-confronting way.

NotaClub’s social get-togethers are conceived, organised and ‘hosted’ by any member of our social community who’s decided they’d like to provide an opportunity for other ‘NotaClubbers’ to get together to participate in ‘good fun and good socialising’.

The synergy and success of every NotaClub get-together is entirely determined by the contribution of each and every person who attends it.

No two get-togethers are ever the same because there’s always different people coming to them.

As examples, all the background images on this website come from various NotaClub get-togethers.

All were organised by people in the NotaClub social community for the benefit of everyone who chose to attend.

While many of them were some of our ‘bigger’ get-togethers, which can be in fairly noisy places where communication is difficult, most of NotaClub’s most successful get-togethers involve smaller groups of about half-a-dozen people in places where conversation is easy.

  • Restaurants, Live Bands, Pubs Bars, Nightclubs, Golf (Hit & Giggle)
  • Parties, House parties, Sports events, Lunches, Brunches, Dinners, Barbeques
  • Dances, Car Rallies, Mystery Tours, Wineries, Shows, Movies, Karaoke
  • Walks, Concerts, Scavenger hunts, Camping weekends, Weekends away, Overseas trips

just come to
‘Ultimate Social get-together’,
meet people
have some fun
and make new friends.

Even if you’re just a visitor to Melbourne and want a bit of inexpensive casual fun on a Wednesday evening with a bunch of great people.

You don’t need to ‘book’ – just come and join in the evening of ‘good fun and good socialising’ with other like-minded people.