NotaClub is literally NOT a ‘CLUB’ and has no ‘members’ as there’s nothing to ‘join’.

Instead, NotaClub is a relatively small group of people, (NotaClub’s social community rarely exceeds about 150 people at any time), who choose to participate in the social activities NotaClub call get-togethers – all of which have been conceived, arranged and hosted by NotaClubbers themselves for the enjoyment of the group as a whole.

Like nearly ALL ‘clubs’ there’s never been a shortage of people who want to ‘join’ NotaClub and, when they have, just want to sit on their hands and be entertained by NotaClub’s activities while offering nothing in return.  

For NotaClub to survive as an active social community it requires the active participation of people who want to put ‘in’ for the benefit of everyone and it’s this single reason NotaClub doesn’t try and talk people in to ‘join’ NotaClub, just for the sake of it – there’s no point.

The reality is, people who ‘join’ NotaClub who have no intention of forming an ACTIVE relationship with the NotaClub Social Community add no long-term value and can only diminish the efforts of those people who ARE putting in to make NotaClub what it is. Their relationship with Notaclub is generally a short one.

That’s why we recommend people come and check NotaClub out first – as often as they like, before they decide if the NotaClub Social Community is ‘their kind of people’ – and they can take as much time as they like making their minds up.   During that time, they can come to as many NotaClub activities as they like which are in public places and join the NotaClub group.

On the other hand NotaClub DOES invite people who WANT TO form an ACTIVE RELATIONSHIP and ADD to the NotaClub ‘experience’ by their PARTICIPATION and CONTRIBUTION to our many social activities that EVERYONE gets to benefit from.

(You may not want to ‘commit’ to a social group that requires any level of participation.  That’s OK – there are loads of other social groups who do welcome people for an ad-hoc membership).

NotaClub has quite a few people who have only EVER regularly come to our ‘Ultimate’ events – they have NO intention of ‘joining’ – and that’s OK by us – the more the merrier.

here’s a simple

guide to help you navigate the
NotaClub ‘joining’ process.

We realise that you’ll likely want to make sure we’re ‘your type of people’ before you can decide about whether NotaClub is ‘for’ you.

The good news is, we’ve made it easy for you to do that in casual, non-confronting environments – now at 2 locations either in Bayside or Boronia.

The ‘Ultimate Social Get-Together’ are on every Wednesday from about 7:00 p.m. onwards in Bayside at what we call ‘NotaClubhouse’ @ Bar 7B at 7B, Roper Street, Moorabbin. (Bar 7B website can be found at

The ‘Ultimate Social Get-Together’ on Thursdays, is more convenient for those people in the North-Eastern suburbs, will be held at the Boronia RSL, 198 Dorset Road Boronia.

FYI – NotaClub’s ‘Ultimate Social get-togethers’ are very casual and people simply arrive and leave any time they like.

NotaClub’s ‘Ultimate’ events give us all the opportunity to check whether we’re ‘each other’s type of people’ and make it easy for you to decide if you’d like to get involved in NotaClub’s future social activities.

To access the NotaClub web site and include yourself onto the NotaClub member list so you can access the event calendar, communications and photo galleries, you’ll need a ‘Meetup’ account.

If you’ve already got a Meetup account then simply go to NotaClub’s ‘public’ group on Meetup and request to join.

If you don’t already have a ‘Meetup’ account go to Meetup’s website and create one HERE

Check out NotaClub’s calendar on the Meetup web site for upcoming social get-togethers you can come to.

Come to some – get to meet people and make friends.

You get to meet with us, we get to meet with you and we all work out whether we’re each other’s type of people in a casual un-structured social environment.

FYI – the NotaClub ‘Ultimate Social Event’ on any Wednesday is particularly good for introducing yourself to NotaClub – and very often you’ll find get-togethers not listed on the calendar.

Once you’ve been to a few get-togethers, you’re well on your way to becoming an active member of the NotaClub Social Community.

  • ONLY one person in the image.
  • NO Hats or Sunglasses that hide you.
  • NO ‘side’ , ‘distance’ or ‘alternative’ images.
  • NO ‘in the shade’ or ‘vague’ images.

If you’re still undecided about your participation with the NotaClub social community but would still like to come to our get-togethers – that’s OK by us – many people do just that.

Just come to any of our ‘open’ get- togethers – in particular the ‘Ultimate Social Get-Together’ any Wednesday or Thursday nightas often as you likeand see what happens :- details HERE

Wednesday 24th July,

Wednesday 24th July,

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Wednesday 24th July,

Wednesday 24th July,

  • We all get an opportunity to check that we're 'each other's type of people'.
  • We network.
  • We 'socialise' with friends we've made.
  • We greet people joining us for the first time.
  • We re-greet people who return.
  • We make new friends.
  • We reminisce and laugh about previous events we've had fun at.
  • We make plans for future activities.
  • We joke.
  • We share stories.

in short ... we do good fun and good socialising with a whole bunch of other like-minded people.

Meetup’s business is to provide an online ‘system’ for groups to utilise – for a fee – and endeavours to brand groups that uses it’s service as ‘Meetup Groups’.

This ‘branding’ has been done so well that It’s not unusual for people associated with Meetup to assume that ‘Meetup’ groups have been created for their free and ad-hoc entertainment with no real commitment or reciprocation on their part.

This tends to give the impression that groups that use the Meetup system sort of ‘work‘ for Meetup or that Meetup is responsible for the groups that pay to use it’s online system.

This is NOT the case – there’s NO SUCH THING as a ‘Meetup’ group.

Meetup has no interest in, nor does Meetup get involved in any way with the running of, any group that uses it’s online system other than to investigate possible breaches of it’s ‘Terms of Service’ that everyone agrees to and should read before starting a Meetup account.

NotaClub – and other groups that use the Meetup system do so of their own volition and expense.

NotaClub has no other relationship with either Meetup or any other group that also use Meetup’s system to house it’s group’s activities.

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