In mid-2006 just a few people got together one Wednesday night for a pizza.

We had such a great time we decided that, being mid-week, Wednesdays are a great night to just ‘get out and socialise’ and, as Wednesdays seemed to be so convenient for most people, we agreed that we’d get-together every week.

…and the ‘I can’t do without my mid-week pizza’ weekly get-together was created.

… initially, just a few people came but, as time went on, and more people found out about it the numbers of people who came grew from 5 … 10 … 20 … until, ‘Ultimately’, over 40-80 people were regularly attending.

… around the same time – the ownership of the restaurant we went to changed and it’s menu became much more varied with a wider selection of foods to enjoy – so ‘pizza night’ became misleading.

… and the night ‘matured’ into the ‘Ultimate Social get-together’ for ‘Good Fun and Good Socialising’

… as time went on ‘networking’ happened, friendships were made and the requirement for a more structured system to manage a ‘social calendar’ for the increasing number of get-togethers that were being arranged.

… and we realised that we had formed something that resembled a ‘club’ – which not what was intended – hence the ‘Not a Club’ label we gave ourselves.

An issue we encountered was that, as we agreed the new ‘NotaClub’ would never be a ‘money-making’ enterprise, we had no funds whatsoever with which to pay for a web presence or social calendar management system.

Luckily, about the same time – the Meetup internet based social networking system was discovered which, for a reasonable cost, allows us to pay for an online home for all NotaClubbers to post communications, photographs and view our calendar of social get-togethers for everyone to attend.

These days, NotaClub’s costs are recovered by the occasional fund-raiser or raffle.

NotaClub’s name is designed to illustrate that NotaClub is Not a ‘Club’ but remains a social ‘community’ that’s ‘run’ by the people who freely participate in it’s activities – and not by any individual or business for financial reward or profit.

NotaClub’s success is determined by the contribution, co-operation and generosity of the people who choose to have an association with, and make up, it’s social community.

It’s for this reason NotaClub does not try to recruit new ‘members’ – there’s no point if, in reality, people ‘join up’ with no intention of getting involved or participating.

People who DO join in with NotaClub’s many social activities do so because they WANT to actively participate.

This makes for the most vibrantly active social group anywhere.

  • NotaClub has evolved into one of the most active, (if not THE most active), social communities in the world for people in the over 40 age group.
  • NotaClub has featured on national media as an example of how people can benefit from an association with such a successful social group.
  • NotaClub has made ‘getting out’ affordable for many people by successfully removing the sometimes onerous expense that can be incurred when people try and get out to socialise.
  • While some of our get-togethers just seem to get bigger, better and more ambitious we recognise that our very BEST involve just a few, (6-12), people getting together for a casual ‘socialise’ in a pub or restaurant – anywhere that people can just socialise with each other.

In 2018 NotaClub commenced a relationship with Bar7B in Moorabbin – ‘truly a HIDDEN GEM’ of a location for a community like NotaClub.

Bar 7B provides a perfect amount of comfort and hospitality, reasonable bar prices mixed with a level of privacy and on-street car-parking, which allows NotaClub to be truly adventurous and creative with future event opportunities.

In no time we’ve arranged for future band-nights some of which will be private to our NotaClubbers, other will be open to the general public.

NotaClub is honoured to be associated with Bar7B and the people who have made it such a comfortable and hospitable location.

NotaClub now treats Bar7B as it’s unofficial ‘NotaClubhouse’ and now the NotaClub ‘Ultimate Social get-together for good fun and good socialising’  ‘Bayside’ is held there EVERY Wednesday from about 7:00 p.m. onwards.

Because travel these days is becoming so time-consuming, NotaClub has also started an ‘Ultimate Social Event’ on Thursdays to make it more convenient for people in the Eastern/North-Eastern suburbs to come to – currently it’s at the Boronia RSL but this may change from time to time.

Check the NotaClub calendars on Meetup for up-to-date information.


  • Over 5000 social get-togethers have been arranged – with tens of thousands of attendances.
  • More long-term friendships have been made than we’ll ever know about. Marriages have happened.
  • Despite relocating from time to time we’ve NEVER missed a Wednesday ‘Ultimate Social Get-Together’ since NotaClub started.
  • Participation with NotaClub will ALWAYS be FREE
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