Survival Kit

The NotaClub ‘Survival Kit’ has been created for people who currently have or who might be considering starting a relationship with the NotaClub Social Community.

It provides common-sense suggestions about how to ‘play the game’ so that everyone who is associated with the NotaClub Social Community in any way can enjoy good fun and good socialising in a safe and harmonious environment with other like-minded people.

Generally, people who become associated with NotaClub are grateful the ‘Survival Kit’ has been created. They consider the suggestions it contains are not a surprise or deal-breaker for reasonable people who take responsibility for their own actions who would consider these suggestions no more than ‘common sense’ anyway.

None of these suggestions are negotiable and a relationship with NotaClub assumes the unconditional acceptance of ALL the suggestions listed in this NotaClub ‘Survival Kit’ by any person who decides to form a relationship and participate with the NotaClub social community.

The Survival Kit is updated fairly regularly without notice.

It’s the responsibility of all people to familarise themselves with any updates.

The NotaClub organiser IS GOD.

… and …

… other than to ensure that NotaClub’s activities satisfy it’s ‘good fun and good socialising’ ethos and attend to the day-to-day administration of the NotaClub Social Community with, complete impunity.

Should the NotaClub organiser appoint co-organisers, they too have a similar standing.

A get-together organiser/host has ABSOLUTE, (god like), discretion about how their get-together is run also with complete impunity.

Participation with NotaClub either as a member of the NotaClub social community or as a guest or visitor to any NotaClub social get-together or any other capacity affords NOBODY ANY ADDITIONAL RIGHTS or PRIVILEGES than any other person who is or isn’t associated with NotaClub may have at the get-together’s location.

NotaClub‘s BIG on ID pics – and we want to know what you look like.

(Why would anyone want to join a social community and not be OK with other people knowing what they look like?)

Your ID pic must clearly identify you – much like a passport photo – and satisfy ALL of the following criteria.

  • Only YOU in the image.
  • NO Hats or Sunglasses.
  • NO ‘side’ , ‘distance’ or ‘alternative’ images.
  • NO ‘in the shade’ or ‘vague’ images.

In short – do not post a photo that doesn’t clearly identify you.

  • … IS one of Melbourne’s most ACTIVE social communities.

  • … IS a community of like-minded people, mostly in the over 40s’ age group, who regularly congregate at various locations for the purpose of ‘good fun’ and ‘good socialising’ in safe and, usually, inexpensive environments.

  • … IS a community where EVERYONE can and is encouraged to host SOCIAL GET-TOGETHERS for the benefit of others.

  • … IS a community where you can express yourself let loose and have FUN, with like-minded people, in casual and mostly unstructured social environments.

  • … IS for couples as well as singles and invites participation from couples as well as ‘singles’. (Many of NotaClub’s most active members are ‘couples’ or married).

  • … IS for people who are or want to be socially ACTIVE.

  • … IS for people who ADD VALUE to social events by being generous in their participation, laughter and sense of fun.

  • … IS for people who want to enjoy the company, camaraderie friendships with others in a social community environment.

  • … IS FREE. NotaClub has NO membership, joining or other ‘hidden’ fees.

Your relationship with NotaClub assumes you’re an adult who is both physically and mentally capable of dealing with situations that may occur at NotaClub get-togethers as they do in every day life.

You participate in NotaClub activities AT YOUR OWN RISK.

If a NotaClub get-together includes physical activity the decision to participate or not participate in that activity, along with the consequence of your decision, is entirely your own responsibility.

NotaClub is NOT responsible in any way for anything that occurs AS, or NOT AS, a result of your association with NotaClub either as part of the NotaClub social community or as the guest of someone who is part of the NotaClub social community or as an invitee or as a visitor to any NotaClub get-together or in any other capacity.

NotaClub is an active social group for adults. Sometimes things don’t go the way people would prefer. If that happens to you and you’re looking for ‘sympathy’, you’ll find it between ‘R’ and ‘T’ in a dictionary.

  • … is NOT a club – you cannot ‘join’ it. An ongoing relationship with NotaClub is entirely dependant on your continued active participation in it’s many social activities.

  • is NOT ‘for’ people who have any agenda which differs from NotaClub’s. (Read this twice).

  • is NOT a ‘singles’, matchmaking or dating group, (in fact many of NotaClub’s most active members are couples or married).  NotaClub’s agenda is ‘good fun and good socialising’, NOT matchmaking.

  • … is NOT a ‘social ‘free-for-all’ where people come and go as they please, do what they like, when they like with little consideration for others.

  • … is NOT a financial enterprise for any individual or business. Participation in NotaClub’s social activities do not incur any costs or fees.

  • … is NOT a community anyone is automatically entitled to join. Initial acceptance and continued association with the NotaClub Social Community is at the absolute discretion of the NotaClub administrator.

  • … is NOT for people who do not participate in it’s many social activities. After about 2 months of non-activity, without explanation or communication, the administrator will assume you’ve lost interest in NotaClub and it’s activities and will likely remove you from the Notaclub community list – without prior notice or warning.

  • … is NOT a source of customers for your business.

    Promoting or canvassing customers for your business at any NotaClub get-together contradicts NotaClub’s agenda which is simply ‘good fun and good socialising’. While NotaClub – ‘a family’ has a facility for members of it’s ‘family’ community to advertise their businesses on the website, so that people who might have a need for the services provided can contact the appropriate business themselves, other business-promotional activities or canvassing within the NotaClub social community are not appropriate and unlikely to be tolerated.

  • … is NOT a ‘family’ group and it’s activities usually do not cater for children. (As far a NotaClub is concerned, ‘children’ are generally anyone aged under 40 but could be older).

    If you’re wondering whether it’s OK to bring your children, (or parents), to a NotaClub social get-together the answer is almost always … ‘No, it’s NOT OK’.

Please don’t attempt to make
your problems NotaClub’s problems.

  • If you have physical, emotional or psychological conditions or if you require medication, whether prescribed or otherwise, to assist you in getting through your day then NotaClub is NOT for you.
  • NotaClub is a social community, not some kind of ‘welfare’ group or part of anyone’s personal recovery or rehabilitation program.

It could be that many people in NotaClub’s social community are doing their best to take a break or ESCAPE from situations that involve friends or relatives with physical, emotional or drug-related issues.

  • If you are a medical services provider, please don’t make your client’s problems NotaClub’s problem.

Please do not recommend your clients ‘join’ NotaClub because you think THEY will benefit from attending NotaClub’s social activities as part of THEIR rehabilitation.

  • If you’re not capable of looking after yourself or require ‘special’ attention of any sort at any NotaClub get-together you attend then don’t attend.

  • DO attend get-togethers you RSVP ‘in’ to.

  • If you RSVP ‘in’ to an get-together and find you can’t make it – advise the host in plenty of time. The discourtesy of just ‘No Showing’ can result in removal from NotaClub especially if your RSVP took a place at a limited numbers get-together that was full and your RSVP prevented someone else from attending.

  • DON’T just ‘show up’ to get-togethers you haven’t RSVP’d ‘in’ to, (unless they’re deemed an ‘open’ get-together to which anyone can attend with whomever they want to bring with them).

  • Don’t arrive at a ‘private’ get-together with non-NotaClubber ‘plus ones’, (or more), without asking the get-together host that their attendance is OK well in advance.

  • If a get-together RSVP deadline has passed and you decide you want to go to it, contact the get-together organiser to ensure it’s O.K. to attend – don’t just ‘turn up’ – particularly if it has a limited attendance.

  • Do NOT treat NotaClub like a ‘singles’ club and come to get-togethers only in search of your next relationship. Instead, come to socialise with other like-minded people and see what happens. If it becomes apparent your agenda at get-togethers is anything other than ‘socialising’ you won’t be welcome to return.

Use Common Sense and Courtesy

  • If common sense says a get-together requires you to bring a ‘plate’ or something – DO. That doesn’t mean bring a bag of corn chips then tuck in to everything ELSE that’s available. Rule of thumb – take enough (real) food for you to eat plus a bit more to share with others. No-one, (and that includes the event host), is required to feed everyone but everyone’s expected to CONTRIBUTE.

  • If you’re bringing ‘plus ones’ or more – it’s YOUR responsibility to ensure you bring sufficient supplies for them as well.

  • In addition to soft drinks, if you intend to drink alcohol, take enough alcoholic drinks for yourself and any ‘plus ones’ you might bring with you. If you run out of what you brought you’ve probably had enough already so don’t help yourself to alcohol brought by others.

  • Assist the get-together host during the event.

  • Whenever possible, help the get-together host to clean up.

  • NotaClub ‘family’ was MADE ‘Private’ at the request of those people in it’s social community – who may choose to host get-togethers in their own homes or for select groups of people and NotaClub ‘family’ activities are private – DO NOT SHARE YOUR NotaClub ‘family’ ACCOUNT DETAILS with any other non-family-NotaClubber.

Use Common Sense and Courtesy

NotaClubbers often host social get-togethers/ parties in their own homes – or other get-togethers with an attendance limit, (restaurant events are a good example).

It’s not unusual for a NotaClubber to want to attend the get-together with a friend who isn’t a NotaClubber or a person not in NotaClub ‘private’ and RSVP ‘IN’ to the get-together with a ‘plus one’.

But ‘private’ get-togethers are for NotaClubbers in NotaClub ‘private’.

The get-together wasn’t arranged so you can entertain your friends.

And, if the get-together is at someones home, in the same way you’re not likely to be happy with a bunch of strangers wandering around your house you can bet the host feels the same way.

Anyway, plus ones can fill a limited number attendance limit, possibly preventing another NotaClubbers from going if the event is otherwise ‘booked out’.

DON’T RSVP ‘IN’ to ANY ‘private’ get-togethers or with ANY ‘plus-people’ unless you’ve cleared it with the get-together host IN ADVANCE.

Preference to get-togethers with limited numbers will always be given to NotaClubbers – NOT plus-ones.

OK’ing it with the event host in advance, DOESN’T mean leaving a message on the get-together listing saying something like ‘I hope you don’t mind I bring my XXX as a ‘plus one’ … which means the event host has to respond BACK if it’s not O.K.

In most cases, if you DO clear it with the get-together host in advance you’ll probably find there’s no problem including your  ‘plus one’.

Use Common Sense and Courtesy

This next bit is tricky and is similar to the notes above about ‘cliques’ … consider …

There is no individual in NotaClub who created the NotaClub social community by themselves – it was created by the interaction of everyone in NotaClub over a number of years.

The NotaClub member list should NOT be used to attract a ‘special’ crowd for events you decide deserve a ‘special’ attendance which generally excludes the majority of NotaClubbers.

NO individual has any rights to use the member list as their own personal resource to create off-calendar get-togethers for the purpose of exclusively inviting a particular selection of people from the NotaClub member list to the exclusion of others – particularly if, by doing so, it will be to the detriment  of others in NotaClub who didn’t get an invitation.

An ‘off-calendar’ get-together is where a person privately invites a select group of people to a get together without posting the get-together on the NotaClub social calendar. (Birthdays and get-togethers in peoples homes are are the usual situations for this to occur).

This is the tricky bit.

It’s quite normal for small groups of NotaClubbers to meet at off-calendar get togethers.

The problem arises if the invited group is large and leaves the event calendar empty to the uninvited people because most other NotaClubbers are attending that get off-calendar together.

Because, sometimes it’s reasonable for any person who puts on a particular type of get-together to want to select the people they like most to come to it – (get-togethers at their own homes or birthday celebrations are a common examples).

But … ANY ‘off-calendar’ get-together with an exclusively invited attendance is a clique, no matter how you want to see it.

Even worse is where a person regularly arranges an off-calendar events to which the majority of people they invite come from the NotaClub member list which tends to leave the event calendar vacant.  

Please at least TRY to NOT USE THE NOTACLUB MEMBER LIST TO CREATE A PERSONAL OFF-CALENDAR EVENT involving large numbers of people off the NotaClub member list.

And under NO circumstances will any individual Notaclubber be tolerated if they are REGULARLY arranging off-calendar events – thereby forming a sub-group witihn NotaClub.

If that doesn’t sit well with any person – they should consider removing themselves and their activities from NotaClub and start there own group up which will not interfere with NotaClub’s activities.

The reality is, while there’s there’s no perfect solution to this issue one way of resolving the issue is, if you’re contemplating an off-calendar event, to discuss it with the NotaClub organiser in advance.

Let common sense prevail.

NotaClub encourages birthday celebrations within our social community.

They’re great opportunities for good fun and good socialising.

Also, birthday celebrations are an important and natural function of the close social community that NotaClub is and enable people to demonstrate their respect and friendliness for others in our group.

This in turn makes NotaClub the great social community that it is.

Our problem is, NotaClub averages many birthdays weekly and collections for gifts within or community can become financially onerous – so we’ve come up with these guidelines to try and ensure birthday fun doesn’t become a financial burden.

If you want to start a ‘kitty’ for someone’s birthday gift – do.

But … here’s the guidelines about what’s acceptable in our community.

The ONLY birthdays now acceptable for special attention by NotaClub is for ‘significant’ or ‘0’ birthdays – those in between don’t count.



The ONLY birthdays now acceptable
for special attention is for
‘significant’ or ‘0’ birthdays.
– those in between don’t count –

Not at our AGE.



NotaClub events are about good fun and good socialising – not fund-raisers for upcoming birthdays.

If you love someone so much you think their in-between birthday requires a party and it involves a financial cost, that’s OK – but YOU should fund it yourself or make arrangements for the people who attend to be able to make their appropriate contribution at the party, if they attend.

While, strictly speaking, Wednesdays are NotaClubs ‘introductory’ night it’s OK for you to let the host know you’re collecting for a birthday and they can advertise this and let others know during the evening’s announcements – or if you don’t want to advertise it because the person is there you can canvass the attendees and invite those people to see you at another time if they want to participate.

If you want to ‘collect’ money for someone’s birthday, you should make it known and those people who WANT to participate can come FIND YOU IF THEY WANT TO PARTICIPATE and make their contribution. There’s no other acceptable way.

If they don’t, then consider the matter closed.

Gift cards are OUT – the gift is a cake, (and card).

The ONLY acceptable gifts a person gets from now on is a CARD and a CAKE, (with all the trimmings, adornments and sparkly things if you so desire).

Rule of thumb the total cost for a cake
only needs to be about $45-$55 right now.

If you take it upon yourself to start a birthday collection, you realise that, by starting that birthday kitty, YOU’VE taken on the ENTIRE responsibility of organising and covering the cost of that card, cake, it’s decorations, plate, forks, serviettes etc and SERVING at whatever occasion the birthday person gets presented with it.

Grab some other volunteers at the get-together to help you if you like.

You should stop collecting donations once you have enough to cover the costs.

If, after paying for the card and cake and attachments you have cash left over and you don’t know what to do with it you shouldn’t have collected it.

If there’s any cash left over it’s bad management on your part and maybe you shouldn’t be starting a birthday present collection at all.

You should have stopped when you had sufficient money to cover the cost of the card, cake, adornments, plates forks, serviettes.

(Probably about $60-$70 all-up).

The good news is … you can donate any ‘overs’ to the NotaClub ‘kitty’ for the ultimate benefit of all NaC’ers.

Money/cash is NOT to be given as a gift.

Recommended maximum donation $5 p.p – but individuals can make their own minds up about what they want to contribute.

If you think about this it’s just common sense and puts us all on the same page.

A clique is ‘a group of persons who interact with each other more regularly and intensely than others in the same location and tends to exclude others not in that group’.

Cliques, in any social environment, happen without people realising they’ve made one and occur normally regardless of gender, ethnicity, or popularity.

Cliques are so ‘natural’ people don’t realise they’ve started one or are in one.

Simply, people engaged in conversation don’t realise they’ve formed a clique and effectively closed themselves off to others in the same location.

The problem is, other people DO – as they come to realise they’re on the ‘outside-looking-in’ in a social environment, particularly if they are NEW to that group.

If NotaClub is to prosper – cliques within NotaClub are to be avoided at all cost. If you realise you’re spending time with the same small group of people all the time at events maybe it’s time to ‘mingle’ a bit more or, at the very least open the group to allow others to join into it’s conversation.

If you find you’ve closed yourselves off to others at a get-together, make a point of opening ranks to let others in.

Ironically, because of the select group of people in it’s social community, NotaClub itself is a clique. However, NotaClub cannot support cliques within itself and cliques absolutely contradict NotaClub’s ethos.

If you’re in a social environment and see someone not included in a group of people, invite them into yours – particularly if you don’t know them.

They may be new to NotaClub

Use common sense – involve the new people in the get-together.

As NotaClub is a social group engaging in fun activities, NotaClub encourages the taking of photos at our get-togethers and posting them on our web sites photo galleries for all to see.

Photographic memories of our fun get-togethers are a big part of our social structure.

If images of you being displayed anywhere for general viewing by people you may or may not know is an issue for you then the NotaClub Social Community probably isn’t the  right place for you.

If you choose to maintain an ongoing relationship with NotaClub the following guidelines apply :- 

These days, the taking and/or posting of photos ANYWHERE comes with responsibilities regarding privacy and if there’s any repercussions about images YOU post, then they will be directed towards YOU to deal with.

Most photographs taken at NotaClub get-togethers are ‘posed’ – this means someone has pointed a camera at you and said ‘smile’ or something – this gives you plenty of opportunity to not be in the image if you choose not to be.

If you’re in a photograph you posed for it’s your own responsibility if you find it posted in an online photo gallery somewhere.

If you have ‘issues’ about being photographed at any NotaClub get-togethers and finding the image displayed online somewhere, you’re probably not suited to a relationship with NotaClub in the first place and it’s probably best to remove yourself from NotaClub completely because photo images occur at just about every NotaClub get-together and will likely include you.

If you take a photo of someone – whether that person is a member of the NotaClub social community or not, (and whether it was taken at a NotaClub get-together or not), that might embarrass that person – it’s probably better not to post it on any NotaClub website photo gallery – unless you get the permission of the person in the photo to do so.

Let common sense prevail.

In the unlikely event you discover a photo of you at a get-together you haven’t ‘posed’ for displayed in a NotaClub website photo gallery you may request the person who took it/posted it to remove it – this is between you and that person – NOT NotaClub or the NotaClub ORGANISER.

If you ‘posed’ for the photograph the responsibility for it’s existence in the first place lies with you.

Generally, what happens in NotaClub STAYS in NotaClub. However, of late with the increasing popularity of social media platforms, it’s not unusual for many people in NotaClub to post photos taken at NotaClub get-togethers on their personal social media pages – sometimes immediately after taking the photo. This is a sign of the times and an indication about how important NotaClub has become to their everyday life. Use common sense.

NotaClub has NO authority over photos people post anywhere except on a Meetup photo gallery, (e.g on their social media pages),  and has no interest in policing this.  (If you’re looking for sympathy, this topic is covered elsewhere con this page).

But, there comes an issue about common sense.

If you take photos at a NotaClub get-together in a public place and they include people not associated with NotaClub, RESPECT other people’s privacy and AVOID posting photos containing images of people who are NOT in our social community in the NotaClub photo gallery or on social media pages – in fact, anywhere.

The organiser WILL remove ANY photo posted on the NotaClub’s photo gallery on Meetup the organiser may deem is inappropriate or detrimental to the privacy, synergy or goodwill of the NotaClub social group or any individual. If this occurs, no correspondence will be entered into.

The organiser has no authority over the same image(s) posted anywhere else.

If for any reason your association with NotaClub ceases you realise that any photos with you in them will remain in the NotaClub photo galleries on Meetup and wherever else they’ve been posted. (Over time, they will probably disappear into obscurity anyway).

With the above in mind, give more consideration to the image content BEFORE either posing for a photo, taking a photo and posting photographs on the NotaClub website – and MORE importantly on the NotaClub ‘public’ website on Meetup.

  • NotaClub is established for people in the over 40s age bracket.
  • Unless, in the unlikely case the event listing states that children are welcome, it’s best to assume the pride and joy of your life is not going to be particularly popular at a NotaClub get-together.
  • In ANY case, do NOT bring children to a NotaClub get-together without checking with the event host first and don’t be surprised or upset if the host shows little or no enthusiasm for your ‘plus one(s)’
  • NEVER post ANY photograph on ANY NotaClub website that contains a CHILD – even if that child is yours.
  • If that child IS yours it probably shouldn’t BE at a NotaClub get together in the first place.
  • (A child is anyone under the age of at least 18).

Let common sense prevail.

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