Wednesday 22nd May,

Wednesday 22nd May,

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Wednesday 22nd May,

Wednesday 22nd May,

  • We all get an opportunity to check that we're 'each other's type of people'.
  • We network.
  • We 'socialise' with friends we've made.
  • We greet people joining us for the first time.
  • We re-greet people who return.
  • We make new friends.
  • We reminisce and laugh about previous events we've had fun at.
  • We make plans for future activities.
  • We joke.
  • We share stories.

in short ... we do good fun and good socialising with a whole bunch of other like-minded people.

Don’t talk yourself out of coming.

We don’t bite!

Every person who now participates in our social community had to walk in that door for the first time and say ‘Hi’

No matter how much you’ll try and persuade yourself not to come – the reality is, there’s NO reason for not coming and just checking us out.

One thing’s for certain, if you don’t come, you’ll never know what could have happened in your life.

Don’t forget – you can leave whenever you like.

We start getting together from about 7:00.

This is the best and least confronting time to join the group – just wander in, find someone in our group and start talking to them.

That’s what you’re there for, and so is everyone else.

Making new friends in this environment is easy.

If you want order food for delivery, this is a good time to do it.

Whether you’re having as meal or not there’s no ‘set’ seating and even those people who do have a meal are generally moving around once they’ve finished.

It’s better you DON’T come with someone.

If you do you’ll end up being with, and talking to, that person all night and you’ll BOTH just ‘close yourselves off’ to interaction with others by doing this.

Come by yourself and start making some new friends of your own.

Once you’ve done that invite friends to come and meet us at other get-togethers.

Don’t make the mistake of propping yourself in one spot – or even worse, sitting at one of the tables all night.

Work the group – schmooze – get to meet people.

On the way round you’ll meet loads of great people – and probably others who, like you, are there for the first time.

In just a few weeks you’ll have made a load of new acquaintances, start a whole new social life for yourself and, likely, made a bunch of people who will be your future friends.

Just like all the other people who are now our NotaClub ‘regulars’ did.

Don’t be!

… YOU DON’T NEED TO HAVE A MEAL, (anyway there’s no food available on the premises other than ‘nibblies’),  If you DO get the ‘hungries’ you just ORDER OUT and your food will be delivered by local vendors in next to no time.

Best plan is to eat before you come

… anyway this get-together is about ‘socialising’ – not dining and is so casual, you don’t need to spend ANYTHING if you don’t want to.

… every week sees loads of people who come just for a Wednesday night ‘socialise’ – who spend nothing on food or drink.

Don’t be!

… this is not a late night!

… most people have left by about 9:30 pm – even the late-stayers have generally left before 10:00 p.m

… anyway, this event is so un-structured you can just leave whenever it suits you.

Don’t be!

… every week there’s loads of people visiting for the first time – and because our group is so large no-one really knows who they are.

… most people will likely just think you’re someone they’ve never met at a NotaClub get-together before.

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